My goal is for you and your dog to have a fun and stress-free photographic session. I strive to have your dog behave in a natural and comfortable manner in order to achieve honest, spontaneous, and beautiful images. I prefer to use natural light for many reasons - dogs are most relaxed when the least amount of equipment is used. Natural light allows me to move with them, under them, and over them. My photographs are journalistic in style which is perfectly matched for the unpredictable canine personality.

A standard session lasts typically 2 hours. I will need 10-15 minutes for your dog to become acquanted with me and my camera. Some dogs are ready to go immediately, some dogs may need treats and reassurance. Many dogs have boundless energy and some get tired after an hour. I may be asking your dog to sit, stay, lie down, or do tricks they have mastered - mental focus is just as tiring for dogs as physical play.

For an all day session, I can photograph at multiple locations nearby or explore many areas in your home - following your dog around and documenting his daily life in a familiar setting.

I can come to your home, a park, a beach, your favorite hiking trail - wherever your dog feels most relaxed or energized.  My desire is to create a fun and joyful experience for you and your dog.